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 Debrief Beast et Breto

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Debrief Beast et Breto Empty
MessageSujet: Debrief Beast et Breto   Debrief Beast et Breto EmptyMer 12 Déc - 11:25

Je vais mettre ici mes quelques debriefs de mes parties en breto et hommes bêtes que je vais faire dans le futur qui suis. Vous verrez ainsi l'évoluton (ou non) de la liste et potentiellement les raisons de ses changements.

Les debrief seront malheureusement en anglais vu que je les fais sur le forum ETC donc désolé pour ceux qui auraient des difficultés

Ma liste breto

Debrief 1 :
So yesterday I tested the lsit with hyppo lord against OnG.

His list :

Goblin king on gargantua, iron orc bsb relentless, feral orc master shamanisme, adept witchraft, 28 headbashers green tide, 30 iron orc green tide, 3 * 5 goblin raiders, 2*21 goblins shield/bow, gargantua, goblin chariot, giant with club.

Frontline clash - Breakthrough.

He deploys everything to get turn 1 and put pressure directly. He choose top side and put most of his army on right and lord/giant/1 raiders unit and 1 unit bow/shield on left.
Regarding my side I have an impassible just outside my deployment zone a bit to the left. I choose to deploy everything on left making him lose 1-2 turns to bring all the unit on top right.

So regarding the game what happened, he moved everything forward rushing to cc with his block but the 2 first turns staying outside 20. Regarding his monsters he stayed at more than 22 with both giant and king on Gargantua from my mighty duke and just cast some spells.

Turn 2 he decided to start redirecting with 2 units of raiders 3 packs of knights and to push forward. I charged with the peasant 1 unit of raider and with the mighty duke the other one. They died and I reform both of them, peasant to block charge from the headbashers from my unit of grail with bsb (he was at 12 on dices so normally no issues) and the lord to protect him from a charge from giant or king Gargantua.

Turn 3 he charged the peasant with the Gargantua, I fled and he redirected in the hyppo duke with 3 wounds left (he loss 1 wound due to 5 shots str 3 from raiders héhé).
and heabasher tried to charge the grail knights with the war cry (so 11 on 3 dices). Failed the charge with headbasher and succeeded with spider on hyppo (5 needed, and the spider had 5 wounds left due to swarm of insect). During close combat the spider did 1 wound and I did 2 wounds with 10 attacks str5 ap3. The rest was just positioning. At my turn I redirected with my last yeomen the headbashers and moved all the unit to prepare the countercharges (I had to keep the unit of grail knights in the path of headbashers on a 8 overrun to be able to flank with other grails and front with impact realm. In magic I put +1 str and reroll 1 on hyppo duke and I tried to break the spirit the bashers but failed (dissiped). At close combat I did the 3 last wounds on the spider, 2 with duke and 1 with hyppo, but since hyppo strike at same time than Gargantua he died Very Happy, he failed 3 4+ armor save and 3 5++ ward save with reroll one for the armor. I was a bit sad about it because he deserved to live :'(.

Turn 4 as expected he charged the yeomen and tried to charge with the iron orc but was blocked by the bashers and charged the peasant with the giant, then just moved them a bit. At magic he invoked a beast in front of the realm and that's it. At cc he destroyed the yeomen (lol) and overrun in the grail as expected and made the peasant flee with a steadfast test at 8 rerollable. My 4 I charged the beast with the realm and the flank of the basher with the second grail unit. I checked before but if I kille the beast I had the opportunity to overrun in the bashers too. Magic I casted reroll one on grail. DTS on iron orcs (he missed the dissipation) and that's it. At close combat I destroyed the beast and overrun in the bashers and with all my attacks (9 impacts, 11 attacks from realms +3 horses charging, 17 from grails + 3 horses charging and reroll 1, 17 from grails + 3 horse not charging and 3 from bsb not charging) I did 15 wounds. I expected to do more than that and not getting to much causalities back... In counter he did 2 wounds in my bsb and killed 2 realms so was okay finally he fled and I pursue just with the realm and arrive in front of iron orc. (And My mighty lord charged a unit of goblins with shield and make them flee but failed the 9 ld test to not pursue so giving him a free move with king on Gargantua)

turn 5 he didn't charge with the iron orcs due to DTS (break the spirit) but with the chariot in the flank of the realms. nothing in magic really important and moved the goblins forward. My 5 I tried as much as possible to move to get the objective but I was to far (even with reformation) or I had to sacrify something like grail unit so just try to move as far as possible.

turn 6 he got objective and made the second unit of peasant flee with the giant (8 rerollable test again) my 6 I try a "poker tactic" charging with my 8 left realm in rank of 2 models the iron orc to try to kill the mage and make him test to pursue my unit to null the objective. I put all boosts on that unit (reroll1, +1 str, bf and frenzy) but he saved everything, he did 5 saves at 6+/5++ and didn't lose any wound :/. I loss the cc and didn't flee so he stayed there and took the objective.

The game ended with 11-9 in victory points for me but he has the objective so 8-12 for him.

Regarding the list, it is as expected, no possibilities to take care of to much redirectors. And I was a bit sad the way the hyppo duke died when he wasn't suppose to die but I can see great potential in this list. I still have some issues to find the good utility for the peasant, need to practice a bit more.

Regarding magic path, I taught about the game with druidism and in my opinion it would have been worse with druidism than with shamanisme.

So waiting for you highlights/question/suppositions
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Debrief Beast et Breto
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